Life Coach For Immigrants

Life Coach for Immigrants• Create the life you've moved for

Do you need my help?

I have been where you are
I want to teach you tools
I have learned that helped me
transform my experience.

What will happen when we meet on Zoom for 20 minutes?

1. You will tell me what you struggle with the most and what have you done so far to address it. What worked and what didn't.

2. If I can help I will explain how I would do it. What we would focus on, what would be your responsibility,

3. If you want to work together I will tell you the details, how much it costs, how often we would meet etc.

Girl, you are not broken, You don't have to struggle...

I've got solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Coaching helps you in your personal process of transformation. 

You could hire a coach to help you lose weight, or build a successful business. But overall what we all have in common is that we help our clients get to a specific result. 

As a life coach for immigrants I work with immigrant women from Europe that live in the US. I help them create a solid inner foundation so that building their American Dream is not an overwhelming struggle.  With my help my immigrant clients create a relationship with themselves based on kindness and compassion. Life is hard enough, we don’t have to make it harder by beating ourselves up because we feel we are behind and not even close to that ideal version of American Dream we had in our minds.

Yes if:

  • You are unsatisfied with your life because you feel it should be different. You moved to the US for your American Dream but right now that dream does not feel dreamy. You are struggling. You are stressed. You need help.
  • You are feeling overwhelmed, burnt out and you are unsure what to do next.
  • You question your choice: Was this the right decision? Should I move back? Should I keep on trying here?
  • You really miss your home country but every time you go back you don’t feel like you belong there any longer. You also don’t feel like you belong in the US.
  • You know that deep inside you have a potential to thrive, and right now you are just surviving. 
  • You’re waiting for the “right time” when everything falls into place, but nothing is changing, and life feels like it’s harder and harder to manage, so you are overwhelmed with daily responsibilities, and frustrated with yourself. 
  • You are tired of always taking care of others needs and not being your # 1 priority.
  • Self care sounds like a great idea but it’s hard for you to stick with the routine you‘ve been trying to create for yourself.  
  • Deep inside you feel you must wait for approval, validation or acceptance before you can become your most powerful self.

You would go see a therapist when there is something that has happened in your past that is still very heavily influencing your now. Your life is not good, you are struggling and you need help figuring out why are you having such a hard time. The Therapist will help you uncover it, understand it and heal it. You would hire a Life Coach when at the very basis your life is good, but what you are struggling with is taking yourself to that next level. Deep inside you know you have a potential to be this amazing person, fulfilling your life’s dreams and yet you can not take yourself from point A to point B. 

Yes you can do a lot of work by yourself but you are not observing your brain from the outside. You think you can see it all but your view is limited. Life Coach helps you see errors in your thinking process. How can you see your own thinking process if you are the one thinking it? 

So yes, I agree there is a lot of progress you can make with self awareness work. Yet having someone on the outside who is not only helping you see your own thought errors, but is also rooting for you and helps you fight for your dreams can be absolutely priceless. 

  • Confidential space where you explore without judgment or criticism.
  • A lot of questions. I will ask you deep questions and we will dig for your truth. My goal is always to get you as close to your truth as possible. I will not tell you what to do, I might give you some ideas on how I have handled a similar situation in the past but that’s it. You have a full autonomy and my job  is to remind you of that. You make your own decisions. My job is to help you make decisions you feel good about. Any decision about making a change will come from you.
  • Pointing out where your brain is sabotaging you. As you keep on exploring new ideas for yourself your brain will want to argue against it. This is why it’s so important to have someone on the outside watching it for you. That’s what I help you see as well. 

Not everyone is, but you are if you are ready for:

no more thinking: I’m just not good enough, smart enough and pretty enough and I never will be. This is just who I am weird immigrant, no one will ever understand me.”

no more feeling like something is wrong with you because your life should be different.

no more comparing your life to other immigrants and feeling like something went completely wrong and you are never going to shift our of this funk.

no more feeling hopeless and confused.

no more scrolling FB endlessly, wishing you were like American women, had their looks, confidence, money, or career.

no more assuming that all Americans are fake and then wondering why you are not connecting to this culture.

no more begging others for their company because you feel lonely.

no more looking at others with jealousy and hatred

no more rejecting compliments

no more running away from your life with food, alcohol, Netflix etc


First you schedule a quick 20 minute call with me.

We talk about your life and I get a clear understanding of what do you want to change.

When we talk my goal is to understand who you are, who do you want to be and what has been holding you back.

With that knowledge I can determine if I’m the right person for you.

We both will have a chance to see if we vibe well together or not.

This is YOUR SPACE & YOUR TIME! Anything you want to talk about. I will fully listen to you & hold space for your to express what you need at the time.

Each client has a specific focus, it could be career, business, relationships, health – one area or many different ones. You decide.

Coaching is delivered in a series of online sessions typically over 6 or 12 months.

Accountability, consistency & momentum matter.

We connect on Zoom with video. This is non negotiable. To be able to coach you well I must see your face, and your reactions. Also with video we get to interact with each other just as if we were sitting in the same room.


When you sign up for my program you will also have access to me via text in between our sessions.