Episode #1 - Why Did you move here?

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Hey friend, why did you move? Why are you still living here?
Do you love your reasons why you live where you live now?
Is it clear in your mind or are you a bit confused? 

This is worth figuring out. I paid a heavy price for not knowing and you might be paying a high price too. How can you tell? Are you confused? Are you conflicted within? Or do you have a very clear answer but it does not align with what your reality shows today… You know you should be living somewhere else. 

Not where you are at…

In the first episode of the Empowerment for Immigrants Podcast I share with you some really tough moments of my life as an immigrant. I went through an identity crisis. It lasted for years. I was deeply unhappy, and I didn’t know why.
For years I would not even admit it to myself, because I felt so guilty and confused about it all. I should’ve been happy. My life was looking great on the outside. Our marriage was good, so why was I feeling so conflicted and confused. Something was off and I could not put my finger on it. On top of it I felt this pressure to never show weakness, so I would “hide” it from myself and others. All of this only made matters worse. Ever done this? Can you relate? 

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