Life Coach For Immigrants

Life Coach For Immigrants • Life Coach For Immigrants

Hi there my immigrant sista

 Do you feel stressed a lot?

You live in the United States so life is OK but it could be better?

Girl Looking down

Let me guess...

Looking at your life, you have to admit: not every person you’ve met  uprooted their life and started over in a new culture, new country, and continues to NAIL it in 2 languages… but even with all your accomplishments…

You feel like you always have to work twice as hard as others. You are strong,  but that constant pressure is REALLY tiring.

If you were to be honest with yourself even after all this time you still feel insecure around Americans. You’ve never been a super self confident person, but now you are even more insecure, than you used to be.

You were not born here. You have an accent. Your vocabulary is not as extensive and sometime you have no idea what they are talking about.

You feel like no matter what you say other people will not 100% understand who you are. They don’t know your background and are not able to appreciate how far you have come.

You feel like YOU DON’T 100% BELONG here. Sometimes even though you are surrounded by others, you feel really lonely. You don’t feel like they see you for who you really are.

You are TIRED of always taking care of others’ needs & not being your number 1 priority.

You know that sometimes you should just say: NO” but you are afraid of hurting other people’s feelings, and yet time and time again you feel used and unappreciated?


You should be grateful
& thriving because others...

especially people still living in your home country - don’t have
the opportunities you do. They think your life is amazing... but you know, it might look good but it does not feel good. So what's wrong here?

First of all... There is nothing wrong with you.
Feeling overwhelmed, confused, disconnected, lost or anxious is totally normal.
But you don't have to suffer. Let me help you!

Hi, I'm Ewelina!

I work with immigrant women who are tired of living life that doesn't feel good.
We all payed a heavy price to live here.
We have left behind so much... We want to have life that feels good from the inside... not just looks good on the outside.
I help with that.

Ewelina Konyndyk LIfe Coach for Immigrants

Are you ready to

Create a true change?

Do you feel unsatisfied with your life? Should it be better than it is? Should you be happier?

Girl, I’ve got you! I will teach you how to create any feeling you want to experience on purpose, so no matter what’s happening in your life, where you live or who is with you – you feel in control. You will develop skills, you can utilize till the end of your life. What I teach is a game changer. Why? Cause as a result a TRUE SHIFT starts happening within you. And if you keep up with it, the shifting never stops. With time you will become that person you know you have the potential to be. One day at the time. 

Life coach for immigrants

Stop stressing so much?

Life is stressful. It just is. Some of us are running around like headless chickens… others are not.

I used to… but for years now I don’t. My life is way more manageable and calmer. You wanna know why? Because I manage it well. I’ve learned the power of routines & structures. I understood why I felt overwhelmed & how I was making things worse.
Today I teach my clients how to create structures and routines that work in their life… You know what will happen when you learn it? Your life will become calmer and more predictable. There will be inner peace in your heart and space in your mind for dreaming about the future you want.
Life coach for immigrants

Build a bullet proof attitude?

Do you feel overpowered often? 
Why is it that even though you’ve achieved so much sometimes you still feel insecure and uncertain?
We immigrant women are amazing… strong, resilient, brilliant, courageous… and we don’t see it!
I will teach you how to create true self confidence so no matter where you are at and whom you are with – you feel strong from within. When you are in this space:
– you don’t feel a need to compare yourself to others,
– you don’t question yourself
– you don’t attack yourself.

do you think you are ready for a change?

Let's talk and see if I can help.


What others have to say after working with me.

Ewelina is brilliant, heart centered devoted professional who merges deep carrying with a professional skill. She is dedicated to making the world a better place and her enthusiasm is extraordinary. I feel uplifted in her presence and I am so pleased that she is offering coaching. She is a gift to this world.


Eva was most passionate, uplifting, down to earth tell it like it is, sister to sister coach I’ve ever found. She gives you the tools and that unique perspective to step up and be the best you can absolutely be! She is passionate about your potential and stern but lovingly guiding you into choices that make the world of a difference. If you need that curl up next to me and spill it kind of a woman she can help you do amazing things. I am happy she helped me see and do and be! I am happy to now call her a friend!


“I finished 6 weeks coaching with Ewelina 2 weeks ago. Not only did she help me with seeing and understanding my mental blocks during our time but I am continuing to see the transformation in my mind/thinking/feeling/living. I highly recommend Ewelina if you want to overcome any obstacles that are holding you back from what you truly desire, who you really are and how you want to feel.


I can’t tell you how Ewelina has helped me, being in all her Zoom classes! She opened my eyes to have more confidence and I love myself because of teaching to be powerful in my own skin. I need no one. If someone is being disrespectful to me I don’t have to stay there and take it because of “manners” which so many people have none. This course showed me there is another way to think it out. Loved Ewelina’s kindness and being so frank. I feel I met a friend for life. Anyone should try this course and be very open, so you get the most out of this!

Susan R.

Such an eye opening beautiful experience. LOVE EWELINA! She will guide you to dig deep inside yourself, giving you tools to break through blocks holding you back.

Sara H.

“Ewelina is a wise & knowledgeable coach/mentor/trainer. She is a most excellent listener and kindly guides her learners to self-evaluation and discovery. While understanding the practicalities of everyday obstacles, she gently leads you where you can push forward to become your best self! She is real, kind, and compassionate! Time with Ewelina Konyndyk is time well spent!”

Susan W.

Are you having
a hard time building connections with Americans?

I will teach you what to do to go from stressed, overwhelmed & disconnected, to calm, and in charge.