You are an immigrant.

you made it!
you are successful but you don't feel happy or fulfilled...
now what?
I help you figure that out


Does this sound like you?

If you were to really look at your life story you’d have to admit:
not everyone does the epic shit you do everyday and in a second language but even with all that you still…

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Feel insecure around native-born.

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Feel judged by others for your accent.

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Feel like you are never going to be as cool, as put together, as eloquent as people you are surrounded by.

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Feel like you have to work twice as hard as others.

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Feel like no matter what you say other people will not 100% understand what you are trying to convey.

They don’t know your background and are not able to appreciate how far you have come.

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Feel like you don’t fully belong here.

Someone says a joke, they refer to a movie, song or TV show you have not seen, and now once again you are on the outside…

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Sometimes even though you are surrounded by others, you feel really lonely.

You don’t feel like they see you for who you really are.

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You feel like you should be happy.

You know that others (especially people still living in your place of origin) don’t have the opportunities you do. You desperately want to make an impact, live a life that matters more, yet you are not sure how to figure out what exactly it is or how to do it.


Hi, I'm Ewelina

I work with 1st generation immigrants
who are tired of feeling like
a second class citizens
& are ready to start thriving.

If you are an immigrant, you are though as nails.
You paid a very high price for living here, away from a place you once called home. Years of stress, tears, frustrations & deep humiliation – you survived it all.

When you first came you were just surviving.
It's time to start thriving.
You owe it to yourself.

heart sparkles

all those fears, doubts & insecurities you feel
can be addressed

To upgrade your life,
you have to upgrade the way you think
about yourself & your capacity.

This is where I step in.

I help you figure out how to get to that life you were dreaming about before you came.

Some of us are so caught up in moving through life

at 90 MPH, we don’t stop to think if we are going in the right direction, in a way we actually want to be traveling.


I ask questions. A lot of them. I don’t tell you want to do. You figure it out for yourself. 



Agnieszka S.
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Ewelina is a brilliant, heart-centered, devoted professional who merges deep caring with professional skill. She is dedicated to making the world a better place and her enthusiasm is extraordinary. I feel uplifted in her presence and I am so pleased that she is offering coaching. She is a gift to the world.
Kim V.
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Eva was the most passionate, uplifting down to earth, tell it like it is, sister to sister coach I’ve ever found. She gives you the tools and that unique perspective to step up and be the best you can absolutely be! She is passionate about your potential and stern but lovingly guiding you into choices that make a world of difference. If you need that curl up next to me and spill it kind of woman she can help you do amazing things. I am happy she helped me see and do and be! I am happy to now call her friend.
Julie F.
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I had 6 coaching sessions and it was incredibly helpful. She offered me some new ways to think about myself that really helped me get unstuck. She also provided me with accountability – we would set goals every week and she would follow up with me. It helped me stay on-track. She also offered me some new tools to help me reach my goals. If you’d like to set goals and start working toward attaining them I cannot recommend Eva enough!
Tom C.
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This has been such an uplifting experience. She has this way of reading between the lines and finds where they blur to help better understand where you're keeping yourself from being empowered. She is heartfelt and understanding with patience if you're having a hard time grasping a concept and finding other ways to convey what she is trying to say to you. It's definitely worth it the time.
Jamie K.
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I finished 6 weeks of coaching with Ewelina 2 weeks ago. Not only did she help me with seeing and understanding my mental blocks during our time but I am continuing to see transformation in my mind/thinking/feeling/living. I highly recommend Ewelina if you want to overcome any obstacles that are holding you back from what you truly desire, who you really are, and how you want to feel.
Adam R.
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Thank you, Ewelina, for helping me out over the last two months! You accurately assessed from the get-go that I needed to move directly into my discomfort, develop more awareness around it, and specifically to stop recoiling from it and allow it to be. This was most helpful for me because I am taking upon a larger stage and it all feels overwhelming, but I know I can handle what comes my way now. I appreciate your qualities of being both direct and supportive, how you asked difficult but necessary questions, and for holding me accountable. It was an entirely positive experience, and I would recommend your coaching to anyone who is sincere about making a transformation.
Susan R.
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I can't tell you how Ewelina has helped me, being in all her Zoom classes! She opened my eyes to have more confidence and I love myself because of teaching to be powerful in my own skin. I need no one. If someone is being disrespectful to me I don't have to stay there and take it because of "manners" which so many people have none. This course showed me there is another way to think it out. Loved Ewelina's kindness and being so frank. I feel I met a friend for life. Anyone should try this course and be very open, so you get the most out of this!
Sara H.
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Such an eye opening beautiful experience. LOVE EWELINA! She will guide you to dig deep inside yourself, giving you tools to break through blocks holding you back.
Susan W.
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Ewelina is a wise & knowledgeable coach/mentor/trainer. She is a most excellent listener and kindly guides her learners to self-evaluation and discovery. While understanding the practicalities of everyday obstacles, she gently leads you where you can push forward to become your best self! She is real, kind, and compassionate! Time with Ewelina Konyndyk is time well spent!

You deserve to take your life to the next level & My mission is to take you beyond the place you have settled in.

Mornings when you can not wait to get up and live.

Evenings when you lay your head on a pillow feeling satisfaction, pride and solid inner peace.

These feelings are available. That life is possible.

I am committed to helping you create the path to a more fulfilled life.

Want to know how? Let’s talk!

Bloom where you've been planted

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